Lessons from Israel  

Brothers and Sisters,

Jill and I just returned from 10 full days in Israel. We, along with 46 additional believers from multiple churches, had the honor of studying the Bible together at many sites found throughout the Bible.

It is an amazing experience to see the places we study in the Scriptures and, in some locations, walk the very steps Jesus would have walked.

I’d love to walk with each of you someday along the shores of Galilee, up the temple steps in Jerusalem, and through the streets of Nazareth. But for now, we’ll settle for the next best thing. This coming Sunday, we’ll start a new series of talks in our worship gathering called Lessons from Israel. We’ll be covering a few of the key places we visited and studying what took place there. I’ll even bore you with some pictures! Hopefully several others who made the journey will share with you about their experiences as well.

Christianity is rooted in historical events in real places. Join us this Sunday as we explore what happened in Capernaum and why it matters today.

It’s good to be home,

Pastor Chuck

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  1. Michele Therrien says:

    It’s good to see you back! Hope you all had a great trip and some wonderful study time! Looking forward to those pictures.

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